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Based in Amsterdam and serving a global clientele, weshipyachts.com enables boat owners to follow their dreams. We leverage on 30 years of experience in maritime transportation and centuries of Dutch sailing pedigree to move your boat to the cruising destination of your choice in a safe and highly professional way.

Offering an personal approach and a transparent process, the weshipyachts.com team will ensure your prized possession is handled with the care she deserves and arrives ready for you to enjoy. Now where would you like to go sailing?

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It’s hard to hand over the things we love. To allow other people to transport your yacht when, as a skipper, you’d rather be at the helm yourself, or, as an owner, you’d rather have your captain at the wheel. Sometimes, however, the only way to explore new destinations is to have experts move your boat for you. And when you do, it’s best to partner with people who are sailors too. That’s why weshipyachts.com is the skipper’s choice ...

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Be inspired by our special guides to the top 20 sailing grounds – but do let us know if you’d like to go somewhere else. We cover most regular destinations.

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